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Win Against Jersey Reds

The game between London Irish and Jersey Reds ended with a score of 42 to 29. Guy Armitage was in the limelight as he played for the Jersey Reds, though he is a former London Irish back player. The game took place at the Madejski stadium and London Irish was able to secure a win which helped them to gain back their position in the Aviva Premiership.

Guy Armitage was debuting for Jersey Reds in this game. He put in the first try in the beginning of the game. Others like Richard Palframan and David Paice scored through mauls. Others like Paice, Tom Fowlie, Ben Ransom and others touched down for the host team during the game period after half time.

The Reds did not have enough of backs in this match. Armitage was on loan from the London Irish team. Indeed, it was fun seeing him play the game against his own home team. That is a common norm in many of these games. Tommy Bell was able to reduce the deficit points to some extent. Captain Paice on the other hand, mauled and scored after the team played under pressure for some time. Sam Katz suffered a penalty for his team. The level for both teams came to 10-10 before half time came on.

The Irish team came under control when Fowlie and Ransom scored for the team. The Reds however got their second try successful as well. The penalty kicks that Bell provided helped to steady the position of the leaders of the Championship. Paice was also powered when he put in his second attempt. The fans that were there to witness the game were given a thrilling match to watch while the two teams battled it out. The Irish team definitely puts in an effort to gain a considerable difference against their opponents.