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Game Of London Irish Will Continue In Reading

Chief Executive of London Irish club Bob Casey said, the even if London Irish misses out on Championship promotion, it will continue playing in Reading next season.

In an interview with BBC Radio Berkshire Casey told the interviewer, “It is very tough for us to make the two ends meet renting the Reading FC stadium.”

“The club has to look at the commercial side of things,” He further added that, “The rugby is going at the moment, and in addition to promoting game and competition in the game, we have to see the other part of generating much more revenue as well.”

“The perfect way to do that is, adding bums on seats and making a better and profitable deal with the stadium where we play.”

At the first attempt of this season, the Irish are looking to return to the Premiership. And until 2025-26 they are contracted to play at the Madejski Stadium. However, the deal has the clauses that can be used to break the contract rules. (more…)

Robson Of London Irish On Hold

Lock players in any rugby team, London Irish or otherwise, are the ones that defend front row players in scrums.

They are positioned right behind the front row players and their prime objective is to leap for the ball and bring up the ranks of the players in front.

They are visible when lined positions are formed as they leap out for the ball when the right opportune moment arrives. The lock players are assembled in columns or form towers for the forward players. Given their playing position, they are usually player of good height, muscle power as well as with considerable weight. They need to have good handling ability as well as be agile and mobile. Such players usually have good neck strength as well as need leg and weight power. George Robson has brought in a lot of attention at the lock players of London Irish, given that he showcased an instance of physical aggression that went a bit too extreme. (more…)