London Irish Rugby

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  1. cammatt97

    what an awesome game that makes super15 rugby look tight and defensive not fluid and attacking they just attacked and attakced from all angles

    i really pity the players after that one the defence coach must’ve gone mental

  2. macphersonleedsunite

    London Wasps 37-56 London Irish oh my go that is massive and count the combined scores scored and it goes to 93 points and in 80 minutes so 1.2 points a minute and this is like a basketball score and a basketball match the way it was going.

  3. coolcatnat1994

    The single best match I’ve ever been to see! I went to get a hotdog and missed 3 tries! Come on the Irish, going to the final 2009! 😀

  4. FreakyMeek

    i was there, there was a wasps fan next to me blaming the ref for every point Irish got lol. One of the best team performance ever.

  5. Natzhargz

    Yeah, I was at it too, with two Wasps supporters. They weren’t best pleased!!! I went to get something to eat and missed two tries in 5 mins!!!

  6. leonidasaa

    Remember watching this match live could not believe what i was seeing. Some better kicking from Irish and the score would have been higher.

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