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London Irish Has Potential To Come Back Stronger

London Irish has several reasons to come back in the limelight.

Last week the team suffered a loss and star players of the team like Elliott Stooke felt dejected as a result. Relegation can be tough to come to terms with. As it is early days for the team, they are finding it out the hard way. When the team suffered a loss of 32 to 25 to Harlequins they were deathly quiet in the changing rooms. It definitely makes their relegation final and they might have to look forward to gearing up for the next Aviva Premiership games. However, there is a chance that they might still be in the Championship. Bedford might win which will give them a fighting chance. The Blues have been beaten by Bristol and hence, it does look difficult this season.

It is quite normal for the team to feel dejected, but the club can come back in better form soon. Tom Coventry, the head coach for London Irish, had to compromise on the style that he wanted to pursue with his team so that points can be obtained as well as results. This made things difficult for the team. However, it does indicate that the team has potential to gain strength if the original strategies can be implemented. Coventry offers a mix of experience and youth, which will help the game plan for the team. It will surely help them build their skills for the future games. When Harlequins were relegated it gave them a chance to focus on their play, which has helped in the future games. Hence, Coventry will also get the chance that he needs to work with the team and to develop their skills in a way that they will be more successful in future games.