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Game Of London Irish Will Continue In Reading

Chief Executive of London Irish club Bob Casey said, the even if London Irish misses out on Championship promotion, it will continue playing in Reading next season.

In an interview with BBC Radio Berkshire Casey told the interviewer, “It is very tough for us to make the two ends meet renting the Reading FC stadium.”

“The club has to look at the commercial side of things,” He further added that, “The rugby is going at the moment, and in addition to promoting game and competition in the game, we have to see the other part of generating much more revenue as well.”

“The perfect way to do that is, adding bums on seats and making a better and profitable deal with the stadium where we play.”

At the first attempt of this season, the Irish are looking to return to the Premiership. And until 2025-26 they are contracted to play at the Madejski Stadium. However, the deal has the clauses that can be used to break the contract rules.

The London Irish club got a license from Hounslow Borough Council in February. The license was given to play rugby at Lionel Road. However, the construction of the stadium has not started yet.

Casey said, “We have been very open with the supporters and we are exploring all the options coming to us”.

“The team of the club is in discussions with Brentford; however, as if now nothing has been finalized. Talking about the information shared with our supporters then, we will inform our supporters about all our moves.”

Casey’s contribution in lifting the performance of the London Irish club is undoubtedly the commendable one. And this move of Casey must be having various benefits to the club and the players and others associated with the club.